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Best selling Author

Hannah Russell 


Little Alf, Hannah Russell & Pepper

Award winning Author and entrepreneur Hannah Russell is based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales with her furry family, which includes quite the menagerie, many of you will have heard about Little Alf the miniature shetland who stands at 28 inches high, he has a series of books published about him and has become very much a household name, with his books being published in many different languages and his cheeky stories being told all over the world...

Hannah is known for all her pets and often features in magazines, newspapers and articles online with her horses, sheep, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits.

As well as writing the books, Hannah is also a writer for the Yorkshire Times, and is behind a few different business enterprises as well as being ambassador for 3 charities and public speaking all around the world. 

Hannah Russell, Little Alf & Pepper.jpg

Bumble the Bunny - Life at Swinton green Farm 

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Bumble the Bunny - Life at Swinton green Farm by Best selling Author Hannah Russell.

Pre order for release on Friday 3rd March 2023

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In Summer 2022 we moved house & for spring 2023 we will be opening up a visitors centre and experience days with the team here in the yorkshire Dales. Signed up to our newsletter online to keep posted with all the news...

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Best selling books by Author Hannah Russell

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