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Hannah Russell Valais

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As seen on TV

If you've followed me for a while you might be familiar with Izzy & Ida, they were my first two Valais blacknose sheep and often feature online with me,  one of their videos reached over 72 million people online!

My small flock of sheep has now expanded to 6 sheep with plans to expand in 2023...

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Hannah Russell Valais story 

After studying BTEC Agricultural at school and always being an animal lover, I knew one day I wanted my own flock of sheep.  I've loved Valais blacknose sheep for a number of years, I was at the great yorkshire show one year with my Mum and we purchased a painting of the Valais blacknose sheep, I thought they were really cute but didn't know much about the breed, I hadn't seen them before.

Fast forward 5 years in to 2020 after been diagnosed with Cancer I started to look in to sheep once again and looked over at the painting in the house, 'Valais blacknose sheep' why hadn't I thought about them previously!

After lots of research I found a local breeded and along came Izzy & Ida in June 2021, I totally fell in love with them both how could I not they have such cheeky characters and personality.


Izzy & Ida provided me great comfort during a challenging time in my life, I'm already aware of how amazing animals are for therapy after Little Alf came to live with me.

I now have 6 sheep in total, Izzy & Ida, Jim Jam & Jelly, Teddy & Tim, I'm sheep obsessed.


Izzy &  Ida and Jim Jam & Jelly are all related, Jim Jam & Jelly are Izzy & Ida's younger twin sisters, they are all Valais blacknose sheep and we are registered under the flock name of 'Yorkshire Valais' I have plans to build up my Valais black nose flock in the future and for 2023.

Teddy & Tim are my two ryeland sheep!


Proud to be a member of 

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