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I love working with organisations, charities, projects and campaigns each year, it's something I have always enjoyed from a young age.

I think if you have a following online it's great to use it in a positive way to help impact others and make a difference! 

Here is some of the work I have done so far...

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You can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone, charity work to me and Alf has always been something which we have enjoyed doing, it’s not something that I’ve been asked to do as part of our profile it’s something I wanted to do and from a young age I have always loved to host bake sales, events and get involved in activities to help others. 

Being an animal lover, I’ve always steered towards getting involved with animal-based charities which also help communities and the people around them as well. 

I am proud to be ambassador for 3 charities, Brooke action for working horses’ donkeys and mules, Helping Rhinos and Wild Welfare, all charities with a great background of helping animals and others.

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Brooke Action for Working

horses, donkeys and mules


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Hannah Russell is a youth ambassador for Brooke where she has a specific focus on engaging young people between the ages of 8 and 25, in her role Hannah helps Brooke grow its profile within schools and inspire young people to engage with the charity’s goals.

Hannah has been a supporter of Brooke’s work for many years, including becoming an Every Horse Remembered Ambassador in 2018, supporting a campaign which marked 100 years since the end of WWI and honoured the 8 million horses, donkeys and mules who died. Hannah was named ‘Ambassador – youth focus’ in early 2019, and in August 2019 of that year Hannah travelled to Kenya to see Brooke’s work, whilst there she visited one of the school projects that Brooke supports and met families affected by the donkey skin trade crisis.

Hannah joins a roster of Brooke Ambassadors including Charlotte Dujardin and Esme Higgs, and will help grow Brooke’s profile among young supporters through appearances at events, creating a clothing range that she will sell in her shop, and online, and via her social media channels.  Looking ahead, Brooke and Hannah will continue to collaborate on videos, books and digital content to raise awareness of the tough conditions experienced by working horses, donkeys and mules around the world today and the work that Brooke does with owners, governments and local policy makers to make sustainable improvements to the lives of these animals and the people who depend on them.

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Created for the Brooke charity. £5.00 of every sale goes to Brooke.


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My Trip to East Africa to work with Brooke!

Helping Rhinos

"Help us Help them!' 

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Hannah Russell became ambassador to Helping Rhinos in 2018, she has always had a huge love for Rhinos and the wildlife, she first began working with Rhinos with her brand ‘Russell Rhino’ which was rebranded to ‘Wildlife Wear’ in 2021. 

Through her clothing she met the founder of Helping Rhinos ‘Simon Jones’ and loved the mission of the organisation and everything they stood for, in 2018 they asked Hannah to come on board as an ambassador. Since then, Hannah has gone on to raise vital awareness online and donate each year from her clothing brand to the charity.

Hannah has attended events with the charity in London and met ‘James Mwenda’ who is a caretaker of the Rhinos in Africa, James is often seen wearing Hannah’s clothing at OL Pejeta. 

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Wild Welfare

'Working with not against'

Hannah began working with wild welfare in 2020, the charity approached Hannah and appointed her as there first ever ambassador to the charity. 

Wild Welfare helps make a difference to captive animal welfare around the world, combined with Hannah’s passion for animal welfare and the environment, Hannah was intrigued to learn more about the unique projects wild welfare undertakes each year and is currently helping promote the work through an ambassadorial position.

This 2021 Hannah is set to take on a bike challenge for the charity and continue to support them with online campaigns. 

Wild Welfare’s acting UK director Simon Marsh, said:


 “What better person to have as our first ambassador than Hannah, who already flies the flag for animal welfare in so much of what she does.

“Hannah’s work reaches a lot of people, many of whom share her passion and compassion for animals, so we’re thrilled that they can now hear about Wild Welfare and how we’re working to make all zoos good zoos.

Others bits! 

As well as getting involved with these amazing charities as ambassador I also love getting involved in charities and campaigns each year which are close to my heart...

Here is just a few other bits I've been involved with...

Sarcoma UK

After Hannah’s battle with Sarcoma cancer in 2020 she wanted to raise further awareness and funds for the Sarcoma UK charity and brought out a clothing raise to raise funds.


Everyday 15 people in the UK are diagnosed with sarcoma, Hannah was one of them 15 people. Sarcoma is a cancer that can develop anywhere in the body including, muscles, bones, tissues and vessels. 

Hannah had surgery to remove the Sarcoma tumour in her hip and a series of radiotherapy to destroy any remaining cancer cells left behind along with medicines. 

If more people knew what Sarcoma was, they would get there lumps checked out earlier, the earlier sarcoma is diagnosed the greater the chance of successful treatment. 


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