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Hannah Russell's 19th book Published

Hannah Russell’s 19th book published

Sat in my office it feels like spring is just around the corner, I can see the spring bulbs starting to push through the ground. I’m back to working in my new log cabin studio which I have just finished the décor inside off.

The log cabin is a new writing space for me to work in, I moved house around 6 months ago and have been juggling working in my bedroom, on the Kitchen table and in the barns over Christmas since. It’s nice to finally have a space to jot down my ideas, illustrate my books, work on graphics and spend time in.

Today marks the launch of my new book, book number 19. ‘Bumble the Bunny – Life at Swinton Green Farm’ this book has been inspired by my own Bunny Bumble, he is a rescue bunny and I adopted him in 2018, 5 years ago.

Bumble was initially named ‘Chicken’ when he came to live with me and was a rescue bunny, he had a terrible skin condition and lots of allergies upon his arrival, over the years I’ve got on top of them and he now lives a very full life with me. Some of you might have witnessed his videos online, he has a very bouncy nature and is often found sprinting around the paddock among the sheep and horses.

Bumble has lived very much a ‘free range’ life. At the old house I use to let him roam around the fields, and since moving have just begun to let him out again, he always come back to his bed and it’s nice for me to know he is getting the exercise he needs. I’m not one to keep small animals in hutches or cages because it’s natural for them to run so I think they should. Rabbits need a lot of exercise if you ever see them in the wild they can run very fast.

I wanted to write a book on Bumble due to his fun character, he is also a very unusual colour as he is black and tan striped like a bumble bee which is how he adopted the name ‘Bumble’

I was watching him in the fields one day and started to think about his daily adventures and what he gets up to on a daily basis visiting each animal, this is how the idea for the story came to me.

The book is aimed at under 6 years old and is full of illustrations, within the book you can find some characters from the other books and it also features the famous Little Alf from my best selling book series.

The book has been launched today and is available to Pre order, it is due to be released on Friday 3rd march 2023.

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