Life According to Pip

    Details : Once upon a time, Pip the wire-haired dachshund belongs to owner Hannah in the Yorkshire Dales, he's been watching her for several weeks working in the office and wants to get involved himself - he soon discovers that he wants to learn to read and write and share his story with the world.


    Life according to Pip is a little different from his human friends...


    Based on Pip Hannah's wire haired dachshund who you see on social channels.


    Illustrated by Helen Braid

    Life According to Pip

    • About the Author...

      Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Hannah's first book was published when she was just 17 years old about her mini shetland Little Alf.

      Hannah's has continued her journey as an author and built up her small holding in the Yorkshire Dales, she now has over 15 books published and online merchandise range, with over 40 thousand online followers and videos reaching millions of views each year.

      'Hannah, Little Alf and friends' has become a household name and recognised across the globe internationally.