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Public speaking

 When you love what you do you never work a day in your life, this statement sings to my heart, every day when I get up, I never feel like I’m going to work – until it’s that time of the week to do the dreaded paperwork (not my forte) 


Public speaking is something I have fallen in to, I got asked when I was 18 years old to do a talk about my journey as an author and becoming an author at such a young age, I was so nervous on my first talk with a local WI group but once I started I couldn’t stop and now it’s second nature to me, every time I get an email about going to a school, club, university, overseas, book festival and something else I get a little buzz, it’s an opportunity to share my story with the world.


I’ve always loved documentaries on TV and other people’s story’s as I find them inspiring and I think if I can inspire or help someone else on their journey then everything, I do become that little bit more rewarding.


 I’m so thankful that my public speaking journey has taken me all around the world and on some fun adventures! 

I have a  growing portfolio of subjects to talk about and I’m learning everyday (don’t we all) I can subject talks around my journey in business, story of Little Alf and how we started, charity work & travelling overseas, overcoming challenges of not going to college or university but still becoming an established business woman or I can look at putting something together specifically for you and if I feel it wouldn’t be suitable for me or you I wouldn’t hesitate to say.


If you can speak you can influence and if you can influence you can change lives…


* Little Alf & our journey with the books

* Overcoming Obstacles in business & Life

* Wildlife & Conservation - Working with Charities 

* Visiting East Africa with the Brooke charity

* Entrepreneurship & Life as an author 

* Visiting the Shetland Island 


'What a privilege it was to meet you Hannah,  to chat before and after your amazing talk. My partner and I were really blown away by you story, one of incredible achievements and success despite some pretty challenging situations that would have stopped many in their tracks I'm sure. If ever two were meant to come together, it is you and Little Alf.

After your talk we chatted for quite some time about your talk. This may sound strange but we actually felt on a 'high' like having an injection of adrenaline. We felt so good it's hard to explain.

Your love for horses and animals shone through, as did your passion for what you do. you ooze positivity.

Thank you for your incredible inspirational talk.' 

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