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Visiting the Shetland Island with  best selling author Hannah Russell 

The Shetland pony has been around for thousands of years and it all started from the shetland island. 

In 2021 I visited the Shetland islands to find out more and help spread the word about how they have made an impact on history today...

This 2022 you can get involved with my online campaign...

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Share your Shetland campaign 2022


Get involved with my campaign this year by sharing your love for Shetland ponies and sharing your Shetland with us.


I have a huge love for mini Shetlands and Shetland ponies in general, they are so much fun and have huge personalities as many of us know or have heard stories of them. I am lucky enough to have two minis in my life. (I would have so many more if I could) Little Alf changed my life in the best possible way. He gave me a new focus when I needed one the most.


Last year I visited the Shetland island to learn all about the Shetland ponies, the history of them and how they have become to be known to this day, it was fascinating and great to learn about how they were used as pit ponies, the bonds they created with the workers and how much of a difference they made to the lives, and then over time how they have played a role in history to today's Shetland which are used for riding, companion ponies, grand national and even become characters in books.


This September online I will be launching ‘Shetland September’ I am launching a campaign to highlight the work and history of Shetland ponies and also hosting an annual Shetland day on Saturday 10th September online where I’ll be talking about the history of Shetland ponies.


On the day we will be working with brands online and you can get involved to by sharing your stories and images of your Shetland ponies...


Lets create a stir on social media and talk about how amazing Shetland ponies are.

Don't forget to hashtag #ShetlandSeptember and tag us on social media with your post.

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Shetland islands with Hannah Russell .jpeg
Shetland ponies with Hannah Russell .jpeg

Read an insight in to my trip on the shetland islands here with the Yorkshire Times...

My Trip to the Shetland Island!

Visiting Shetland ponies..!

Shetland Island Project.jpeg

We spoke to Dengie Horse feeds about feeding your shetland ponies and how to keep shetland ponies weight under control!

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