FAQ - Questions you ask!

Frequently asked questions

Can we visit Hannah, Little Alf & Friends?

At the moment we don't allow visitors to our home in the Yorkshire Dales, but year each we get involved in yearly appearances in the Yorkshire Dales, so keep a look out online for the events we are hosting! We also do annual charity events where you can attend and help us raise awareness and funds for an amazing cause.

How often are Little Alf's books released?

Each year we try to release a series of books, please visit the shop page to see the current books for sale. If your looking for something specific just pop us an email via the contact page.

How many pets does Hannah have?

Hannah has a series of pets and furry family members based at her home in the Yorkshire Dales, a lot of these have been adopted or are rescues, you can meet the full family online via social media.

Can we get a signed book online?

All the books purchased from this website are signed and shipped direct to your door, if you have a special request please get in touch.

Is there a different way to pay online?

If you are struggling with the online payment methods, please email is hello@littlealf.com we can accept bank transfers and send you an invoice.