The mystery map
  • The Magical adventure of Little Alf - The Mystery Map - Book 4 


    ABOUT : Believe in magic and you will find it... There is a glow against the tack room door, but Hannah doesn't know what it is trying to tell her. Sneaking through the hidden passage in the old forest with Alfie by her side they began to discover the real secrets of the hidden forest.. 

    Follow Hannah and Alfie once again as they adventure in the enchanted forest 


    Award winning book - EQUUS LITERACY FESTIVAL 

    The mystery map

    • Hannah’s first become an author at 17 after her miniature Shetland pony Little Alf came to live with her, he came at a time when she was at a low ebb and looking for a new focus after discovering she had injuries to her back meaning she couldn’t pursue her career as a riding instructor. Little Alf stands at just 28 inches high due to him having dwarfism, the dwarfism means that Little Alf’s features are extra small, he has tiny ears, tiny hooves and because of his size when he came to live with Hannah he needed a little extra love and care. They both gave each other a new focus; many say they where meant to be.

       Over the years Little Alf has become a well known character online and within the publishing world with over 14 best selling books published about him and a merchandise range the pair have gone from strength to strength, in recent years the brand has moved in to featuring Hannah’s other animals and the name ‘Hannah, Little Alf and friends’ was formed. Each month they get millions of views online and Hannah finds inspiration from all her animals which you can watch online via her social channels and networks.